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References and Contributors

Reference material of this size and detail needs input from many different sources to be complete and accurate. A number of collectors in Melbourne and around Australia have been very forthcoming with their time and information in the preparation of this guide. Many contributors have been acknowledged below in alphabetical order. Of course some people have been able to contribute more information than others which is much appreciated.
Information on some series is incomplete at the time of publishing and further amendments and additions are welcome.

Kevin Abbott, Stephen Ackroyd, Graeme Adams, Robert Allen, Geoff Alway, Rod Baltovich, John Beard, Andrew Bennett, George Bowden, Joe Boyar, Tony Boyce, Michael Braham, Jodi Bridges, David Brown, Paul Brownlie, William Cheffirs, Michael Coligan, Gerard Conlan, Paul B Connor, Khan Cowan, Sean Cowan, Barb Cullen, Gary Davies, Simon Davis, Tony DeBolfo, David Devine, Nick Di Campli, John Dickinson, Graham Dickinson, Jim Dooley, Ken Dowd, David Eastman, Stephen Egan, Peter Eliadis, David Elliott, Brett Faulkhead, Ray Fellows, Gary Fenton, Lance Ferguson, Mark Fine, Steve Flemming, Paul Fraser,  Peter French, Francis (ATG), Bob Gartland,  Tom Giles, John Gordon, Derek Green, Mark Green, Aaron Gribble, Peter Haby, John Hall, Paul Harvey, Carolyn Heighty, Michael Higgison, Chris Holland, Lloyd Holyoak, Bill Hopkins, Jeff Hulls, Col Hutchison (AFL Collection), Laurie Joyner, Brian Jukes, David Kelso, Les Kitchin, Geoff Kruger, Bill Lockwood, Mario Lopo, Nigel Males, Rohan Malley, Rob Manser, David Marks, Paul McCammon, Gerry McGinley, Stuart McLay, Joe McMullin, David McQuinn, Rob Meredith, David Michael, Ashley Miller, Kris Miller, Rick Milne, Steve Milne, Cliff Mitchell, Ross Moor, Andrew Neophitou, Rex Nixon, Darren Ohlin, Eric Panther, Mike Petrescu, Noel Richardson, Armin Richter, Michael Roberts,  John Rose, Bob Rutherford, Richard Scully, Select Australia, Alek Selzer, Michael Sicilliano, John Simmons, Dave Skop, Steve Smith, Jason Spondee, Ian Stillwell, Matt Szylit, Nick Tasos, Ben Tckzz, Peter Terelinck, Matt Thompson, Michael Tooher, Peter Traeger, John Tretola, Anthony Trigger, Gerard Verstoep, Steven Wang, Roland Weeks, Joel Williams, Ken Woolfe, Laurie Wordsworth, Peter Xiberras, George Zac

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