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Australian Football Collectables have been issued in many forms. A number of categories have been defined to group these items and allow for easier searching of the items that are of most interest to you. The categories are :

CodeCategory NameDescription
A Award Badges/Medallions Club Awards, Brownlow Medals, Premiership Medals.
B Badges Pin back badges, plastic or metal badges, lapel badges, hatband badges.
C Collector Cards Includes cigarette cards, trade cards, advertising cards, bubble gum cards and all forms of modern collector cards including pogs/tazos and telephone cards.
D Club Membership Medals/Medallions Club membership, life membership, past players badges and medallions.
E Greeting Cards Fold over cards with a greeting or space to write a greeting inside
H Photographic Studio Cards Carte-de-visite, studio portraits, photographic material
K Ticket/Fixture Card Raffle tickets, movie tickets, entry tickets, game and finals tickets, Fixture Cards
L Bottle Caps Bottle caps with collectable images printed on either side
M Membership Tickets Club annual membership tickets
N Magnet Collectable items with a magnetic back
O Other Oddities that don’t fit in any defined category
P Poster Large paper or cardboard pictures, newspaper and magazine pages or inserts
S Sticker/Stamp/Decal Stickers, stamps, waterslide decals, stick down labels
T Post Card Cards designed to be written on and posted.