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Aussie Rules Collectables FAQ

Q. What does the rarity indicator signify?

A. It signifies the average rarity of cards within a set. The scale is 1- very common through to 10 - super rare. Go to ‘How to use this site’ for a full explanation.


Q. The rarity of some cards in an individual set can be very different. Why isn't this shown?

A. This is quite true, especially when it comes to the insert cards in modern sets. It is quite a big job to set a rarity indicator on each individual card but we will work on that for the future.

Update – this function is now available. A Rarity indicator now appears when you view an individual card/item.


Q. I want to search on items just for my team?

A. This function is available from the team search tab.


Q. I have an item that is not shown on the website. Can it be added.

A. Yes, but you will need to let us know about it. Go to the "About Us" menu item for contact details.


Q. I can't find the item I am looking for. What do I do?

A. No problem, just go to the 'About Us' menu item and contact us for help.