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The future members area of this website will provide pricing guides for individual items and sets listed. The pricing guides will be  compiled from extensive research across the Australian football collectable market. The guides will show two forms of pricing.

Estimated value of the item : These prices show the estimated value of the item  for each grading level. In general they represent a range of values for items per grade.  As you can well imagine the Australian Rules Football collectible market can be quite volatile and these estimates are a guide only. The publisher of this guide in no way guarantees that you will be able to purchase or sell items for the prices shown.

Actual Sale Values : These prices show actual sales information for items. Sales information continues to be gathered and updated on the website. Sources for sales information include dealer sales, auction sales, on-line sales and some private sales where information has kindly been donated. Once again, the prices shown should only be used as a guide. Item grading is not common in Australia as yet and therefore research as to  which grading level each sale fits, currently relies on the experience of the researchers.

For more detailed information on Card Grading please visit the PSA website